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Hello friends, Olopinion. It seems long enough since my last post, I beg you apologies for this situation. some Project keep me busy lately.

yes friend since i decided to stop being employment, I have think twice ,three times, four times , hundreds time even thousand ^^ how to earn money without working to somebody else. In other word to become an entrepreneur. I’ve tried my best then God sent me an idea to start a Clothing line business. Especially on T-shirt production.

Before start selling the product of course i should research several things towards. such as how to produce. cause i have a lot friends and brother produce a qualified tshirt so in case i just need to put an image on tshirt.

Build this Imaging tshirt Machine which get me busy lately.

Why don’t you just bought it up cause it won’t need much time to spend for this building and research? First it’s to expensive for me buy DTG Machine in the market and the second reason is i need an really fully costumized DTG machine to assure a quality and easy use machine , so I had to build my own DTG mahine. DIY (do it your self) DTG Machine.

here is my DTG machine spec:

  • Maximum print size 32cm x 42cm
  • Print Speed = a3 + size – 6menit
  • Industrial Motion Systems
  • Epson print head = F3-Mach Piezo head technology
  • WICS system (White Ink Control System)
  • colour = CYMK + WW
  • DTG Inks Inks = confidential
  • Can be printed on 100% cotton jersey fabric, polyester, TC, towels, handkerchiefs, pillowcases, etc.
    Print on White Shirt, Black Shirt, etc..
  • Power consumption = 75 watts
  • Construction = Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Metal frame and woods

here’s i am not going to tell you how to build ‘cause i am not an tutors at all. and this post isn’t tutorial just to share you and hope you inspired.

Olopinion your right My DIY DTG not so beautiful as DTG machine at the market but i can assure you it’s can produce a beautiful TSHIRT. like this one. check it out

tripleonetees1 tripleonetees2

and this is the printing proces



Here is in case am not try to monetize this blog hehehe. just need your support for my business and this blog. ^^

Order A tshirt here just only $23 ships to worldwide for any tees collour and size. send me your desain/image via email payment throught paypal which my email account also my paypal account. any question abbout tshirt spec,printing quality  and delivery you can also send me by email.

with your support of my blog through the order, I say thank you that as many of his.

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Jumat, 18 Oktober 2013

s4 supercopy v20 (99 % looks like Original)

HI friends, long time no see hehehe

Have you ever heard or seen Samsung S4, awsome isn’t it? the latest smartphone made Samsung

I think You’ve seen. I won’t discuss that in this article. So many review made for this gadget.

OK just to the point, it was several times ago after my wife’s blackberry got crush (i think i can’t fix it anymore) so we start to go to phonecell market central in jakarta. First choice goes to Samsung S4 because it so faboulos with the smart feature. such as air gesture, eye sensor, anti flame lcd, smart pause, smart scroll, dual shoot, mini video play that make us could watch movie behind the menu or home screen. i just can say WOW before i ask the price.

Samsung S4 original priced abbout $630-$650 in indonesia. Too much i think for gadget what ever it can do on feature. After i know that high abbout price then i took myself to browse (googling) finding black market seller. I found it , but the seller saids tha S4 is nothing original came by BM (black market) . it’s only replica wich called supercopy with 99% simillarity. I bought one for test ^^

s4 supercopy

Look at the picture, seem no difference with the original stuff.

But as it’s name replica/copy/clone after i test not so good as it promoted.

firstly s4 supercopy is made in China, not korea like the BM seller said.

speed : good enought, you can play heavy application here.

camera : oh don’t ask me, better 5mp blackberry monza than this one (dissapointed)

feature : air gesture slow, eye sensore slow sometimes can read our retina, smart pause no, dual shoot ok, mini vid play ok, smart scroll ok. (not bad for cheap S4)

battery : long life enought , all day long sill not drop (actually it’s original S4 battery brought by product)

lcd : it’s true you can put flamed ciggarets on it’s. contrast look like the original with the shape colour.

overall , back to you buy S4 original with high price or this replica ones with 90%(my own percentage) simillarity.

MY S4 replica ? I sold it again to some one who care abbout style than fuction.

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Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Read This Before U Buy BlackBerry

The rise of sales of blackberry make a lot of crazy people, yes that's as Human Being, a majority of the population to buy goods on the basis of desire, trend and prestige.
This lucrative market gives the wind a new heaven to the market is already saturated with cell phones that feature is not much developed.
Blackberry service re-emerged with a price that is much cheaper than in 2004 and the price of services to other countries in the world challenge of new gadgets.
Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, et al
is aimed HANDHELD TELEPHONE and SMS, wrapped with music features, office, and email. Its main features are TELEPHONE AND SMS
is aimed HANDHELD MULTIMEDIA (VIDEO, MUSIC, INTERNET) with visual graphics and stunning touch experience
Its main features are MULTIMEDIA
is aimed HANDHELD EMAIL, wrapped with phone features, text, and multimedia standards.
Because EMAIL based, the BlackBerry has a network-based that can be used easily to work with YM!, Msgr MSN, Google Talk et al.
Of its kind, we can know what we need.
If you compare the knife, they were equally quick knife but the knife was there any kind of-kind, there are types of meat cutters, paring fruit and war
If you compare the knife which is more severe among the three blades, which you should ask is, to what purpose?
So if you compare mobile phones, Blackberry and iPhone
and arguing over who was more powerful, I would ask,
"do you need?"
Because it's useless arguing with the handyman fruit that Rambo knife you are more powerful than a paring knife papaya. Different objectives, ga would be endless.
So if you are arguing first identify the needs of your debate opponent.

If your need is a super-fast email and real-time, no one could match his toughness gadget of BlackBerry
Hopefully this can be understood before you buy a BlackBerry.

Tips For Buying Blackberry

  1. Input cards are already active SIMCard bus service into the space SIMCard
    IMEI Check the battery, adjust the IMEI printed on the box and in the warranty card, if appropriate, go to the BIS and PIN
  2. Remember your PIN, attach the battery, wait until the homescreen, see if gprs in uppercase GPRS or EDGE edge in big letters, if so the status of BIS Safe, if not, immediately reject these blackberries, if they escape on EDGE or GPRS press alt + shift + left H, check if you remember your PIN as it is in the battery compartment, if passed, go to Status
  3. Go to options, status, type with a keypad, BUYR, will be out info Voice and Data Usage. Make sure both are zero, or the Bold ATnT Voice usage is already in use is usually 4-6 minutes for the needs unlocking. if both are written exceeded 60 Minutes / exceeded 250K, has been ascertained that the goods second or reconditioning, if appropriate instructions, go to the SIM Card
  4. Go to options -> advanced options -> SIMCard -> type in MEPD, if the handheld is unlocked, make sure all the options shown are DISABLED
    Sign in to notepad or messages, try typing all the buttons on the keypad, make sure everything is functioning
  5. Go to the test media music, ringtone, sound recorder, picture and video, if passed further test camera
  6. Sign in camera, if there is full-screen menu (open the camera, press menu, select option, select fullscreen mode, the camera lens cap with a finger for a full screen black, consider whether there is a point / line color one of these colors: green, red and blue, if there is a camera and LCDs have dead pixels, was immediately rejected hendheld
  7. After all the tests passed, tests incoming and outgoing, hands-free test and try to send an sms, then test the charger, be sure to respond when in charge battery.
  8. After everything is over, pay your choice Blackberry, make sure ask for receipts of purchase, the stamp shop and namecard, along with the name of the shop owners.

Hopely Usefull…..Just For shared credit to Jeepercreeperx

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What Kind Of Food Is Apple Ipad

image The iPad is a tablet computer designed and developed by Apple. It is particularly marketed for consumption of media such as books and periodicals, movies, music, and games, and for general web and e-mail access. At around 700 grams its size and weight are intermediate between most contemporary smartphones and laptop computers. Sales of the iPad tablet are strong:since its release in April 2010, Apple has sold 3 million iPads.
The iPad runs the same operating system as the previously introduced iPod Touch and iPhone (initially iPhone OS 3.2, with an update to iOS 4 announced for Fall 2010). Likewise, it is controlled by a multitouch display sensitive to fingertip contact with up to eleven fingers.This is unlike most previous tablet computers which instead used a pressure-timage riggered stylus.[It runs iPad-specific applications as well as those written for the iPhone and iPod Touch, including e-book readers.
The iPad uses Wi-Fi or a 3G mobile data connection to browse the Internet, load and stream media, and install software. A USB cable is required to sync the iPad with iTunes on a personal computer, by which the device is managed.Media reaction to the device has generally been neutral or positive.

  • Wi-Fi + 3G model: UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • Wi-Fi + 3G for Verizon model: CDMA EV-DO Rev. A (800, 1900 MHz)
  • Data only3
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
  • Storage 16/32/64 GB
  • 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
  • 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously
  • 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip

I thinks I want one……….Oh God Help me!!!

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Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009

USX Sight USB Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller

mosquito rep The expert Inventor and Inovator has thought to invent a new device to control your pest at home. The pest such as mosquito, Cacarouch and mouse. But have you ever thinks that using chemical to kill that all is endangerous you and your familly health.Our body can’t tollerant to other chemical which came in to our body. It’s actualy endangerous us.

US Sight USB Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller solve your problem. Just Plug it on your usb laptop or main PC and it will get work. Not kill but the pest nevet get come back again and the other just waiting till the device turned off. But dont worry they can’t wait too long because the Mosquito only have one night lifes. And Our device can stay many nights and days to protect us.

No chemical use so we can Breathe up freely and sleep tight in the night. The USX Sight USB Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller Device Won’t increase your electricity bill. Little power for a Huge leverage and Usefull.

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Minggu, 27 September 2009

Adesso SlimTouch Wireless Keyboard

When you got bussy to handle your Pc cable and get stress to make it nice to see. When the cable connect but the device doesn,t works well. It’s time for you to try this stuff. AdessoSlim Touch Wireless Keyboard. No more Cable needed.

Adesso Slim Touch Wirless keyboard uses th 2,4 Ghr RF band with 30 feet range. Facilitated with 87 low profle keys that uses scissor style mechanism. And Also touch pad included to navigate and scroll your way round your PC, so just throw away your previous mouse. Or just give it to your cat for chat (just kidding).

Here are the complete spec:

- 2,4 Wireless RF Tech With 12 Chanels (65000 IDs per chanel)

- Wireless range distance up to 30 feet

- Compact layout featuring 87 keys in an ultra stylish design

- Included power ON/Off switch for increased energy saving

- Included “connect” button for easy conection

- Battery low LED indicator

- 2 AAA Battery

- INcluded Mini USB receiver dongle ( 1,65 “ x 0,75” x 0,25” dimensions)

- Magnetic Receiver holder on the back of keyboard

- POwer Sleep Mode : 5 Minutes (if not used)

- Keyboard TEch : scissor Switch

- Switch Life : Six Million cycles

- Switch Travel : 3,0 +/ –30 mm

- Touch pad Working area : 3” x 1,75”

- Dimensions : 11,75” x 8,25” x 0,8”

- Weight 1,25 lbs

Never get worries to get low on battery cause adeso slim touch wireless keyboard have auto power saving mode. Switch off automaticaly after 5 minutes not used. Will turn off it self to save the battery. Avaible abbout $109,99.

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Jumat, 04 September 2009

Altec Lansing Mix Boombox IMT 800 Ipod Speaker

No share no fun, that's I call for this stuff. Altec Lansing Mix Boombox IMT 800 Ipod Speaker. When u getting bored with youe headset, Now avaible sharing sound tool for you. Everybody hear your Favorite song.
Altec Lansing Mix Boombox IMT 800 Ipod Speaker, small speaker with a huge power. Installed with 5.25 inch sub woofer and 3 Inch mid range drivers and two 1 inch tweeter is ennought to shake your home with an noise. Altec Lansing Mix Boombox IMT 800 Ipod Speaker is an Ipod and Iphone sound mate designed. People need soulmate, music player need SoundMate to shout the Music.
Turn On the Music with Altec Lansing Mix Boombox IMT 800 Ipod Speaker. Powerred with batteries or ac Power. Included with pair of aux jacks so if u have more than one music player it can be plugged together. Actualy 3 Ipode can plug at once. And also you can use it for laptop or PC as well.

Altec Lansing Mix Boombox IMT 800 Ipod Speaker, No share No Fun. no money not have it. Affordable price considering with the cappabilities. Sell out abbout $300.

Powerful Class D amplification
Advanced audio
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Highs: Dual 1” horn-loaded
polypropylene tweeters
Mids: Dual 3” mid range drivers
Lows: 5.25“ subwoofer and 5.25”
passive radiator
Battery life: 8 x D (LR20) batteries
provide up to 30 hours of continuous
playing time
Infra-red (IR) remote control
19.7” (W) x 9.3” (D) x 7.7” (H)

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